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The HeatStopper™

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New technologies in the grow light industry have been unveiled and will revolutionize the way plants are grown forever. Total Grow Lights is extremely honored to introduce you to these game changing systems.

The Heat Stopper™ - for existing lighting systems

Have you already invested heavily in metal halide grow light technology and high pressure sodium grow light technology for growing your plants? Do not worry. You do not need to purchase a completely new system. With Plant Light Manufacturing's recent development in heat shield technology you can utilize your current investment in HID lighting and reduce the heat produced by these HID systems by almost 50%. The savings alone in operating your heat displacement system and reduction in plant failure will make this new retrofited heat shield well worth the investment.

The BIG-600™ Cool Lighting System

The BIG-600™The BIG-600™ is a revolutionary system designed to target the spectrum of light specific for plant growth and budding, not the human eye, resulting in an increased yield. It is the first advancement in fluorescent technology in the grow light industry in over 70 years that will virtually transform the way you grow forever.

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